The Process

This WebQuest consists of three major components. 

1.  Choosing your WebQuest...

Below are links to WebQuests from which you might choose to complete this exercise.  There are five choices for each grade level.  You will need to evaluate these WebQuests according to the criteria included in the WebQuest Pre evaluation Guide.  Please print the guide and make enough copies for every person in your group.  Together, within your grade level groups, compare the selected WebQuests.  If you don't feel like any of these WebQuests fit your needs, there are many others to consider.  These are here only for evaluation and comparison purposes. 

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade WebQuests

2.  Doing your WebQuest... 

Take a closer look at the WebQuest you will be completing with your class and decide if there is anything you might add to improve the overall experience for you and your students.  This might mean creating a questionnaire or template to help guide your students through the process.  Check to see if the directions included in the Process section of the WebQuest are easy for your students to understand or if you need to add clarification.  Do you want to modify the end product to better suit your students' needs? 

Schedule a day to begin your students on their WebQuest.  If the WebQuest of your choice involves having students work in groups, decide beforehand how you want the groups to be formed.  If classroom supplies are needed to complete the WebQuest, have them ready in advance and then prepare for your students to embark on an extraordinary learning adventure. 

3.  Evaluating your WebQuest experience... 

There is a rubric included on the Evaluation page of this WebQuest.  It is designed to help you reflect on your own performance in the completion of this task.