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What is a WebQuest?
Why should I use a WebQuest?
Key Elements of a WebQuest
Additional WebQuest Elements
Designing a WebQuest
Helpful Resources
WebQuests You Can Use
Credits and References

To begin using WebQuests, teachers should follow some simple guidelines. First, become familiar with resources available online. There are several good search sites aimed at helping teachers such as Google and Blue Web'n. You can find other search tools on the search page of the WebQuest Place.

Next, identify topics that fit in with your curriculum and which there are materials online. It makes sense to choose a project that couldn't be done as well without web access.

Finally, use a template to start. Because you are actually creating a web site when you make a WebQuest, starting with a template saves a lot of time. Bernie Dodge offers downloadable templates on the official WebQuest site. You can also download a rainbow of templates at the WebQuest Place.

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